A Further Analysis Of Rapid Programs For Interview

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The article was co-authored by Carol Wheeler, MD, also of Women & Infants/Brown University. “We found that a smartphone application is a feasible sexual health educational tool that is appealing to teenage girls,” said Dr. Brayboy. “In fact, our participants recommended the application as a valuable resource to learn about comprehensive sexual health.” For their research, Dr. Brayboy and her team recruited 39 girls ages 12 to 17 from Rhode Island to participate in a two-phase prospective study. In phase one, 22 girls assessed a sexual health questionnaire in focus groups. In phase two, 17 girls with iPhones used the Girl Talk application for two weeks and answered the revised sexual health questionnaire and interview questions before and after the application use. The participants’ responses to the sexual health questionnaire, interviews and time viewing the application were used to determine feasibility and desirability of Girl Talk. Dr.

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