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Carl Schwartz, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Skyline Medical; Bob Beringer, Chief Executive Officer of Electronic On-Ramp; and Richard Gabriel, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of GLG Pharma, LLC. will be interviewed on WPSLs MONEYINFOby PRINCETON RESEARCHwith MIKE KINGand CHARLES MOSKOWITZ show on Tuesday, September 27th. The show will begin at 10:05 a.m. Eastern time and managements interview will begin at 10:20 a.m. Management is expected to discuss recent news that Skyline Medical has signed a partnership agreement with GLG, which intends to develop rapid diagnostic tests that utilize fluid and tissue collected by the STREAMWAY System during procedures, and its expected joint venture with Electronic On-Ramp to supply STREAMWAY to U.S. government mobile operating rooms, including disaster relief sites. To listen to the interview live, investors may visit WPSLs website at . A replay will be available on the investor relations section of Skyline Medicals website at . About Skyline Medical Inc. Skyline Medical Inc. produces a fully automated, patented, FDA-cleared, waste fluid disposal system that virtually eliminates staff exposure to blood, irrigation fluid and other potentially infectious fluids found in the healthcare environment. Antiquated manual fluid handling methods which require hand carrying and emptying filled fluid canisters present an exposure risk and potential liability. Skyline Medical’s STREAMWAY System fully automates the collection, measurement and disposal of waste fluids and is designed to: 1) reduce overhead costs to hospitals and surgical centers, 2) improve compliance with OSHA and other regulatory agency safety guidelines, 3) improve efficiency in the operating room, and radiology and endoscopy departments leading to greater profitability, and 4) provide greater environmental stewardship by helping to eliminate the approximately 50 million potentially disease-infected canisters that go into landfills annually in the United States.

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It is fine to ask questions directly related to your interviewer.  How do your strengths compensate for any weak areas? What do you think? How were you most/least satisfied with that endeavour? How did you choose to major in _____________? It is also important to remember that an interviewer will more likely recall a specific example rather than some generalized or ambiguous statement that any pupil might make. medical interview hairWhat do you do in your spare time? Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

All of the repurchased shares were cancelled by TransForce. Any shares purchased by TransForce under the renewed NCIB will be at the market price of the shares at the time of such purchases. The actual number of shares that may be purchased and the timing of any such purchases will be determined by TransForce. Any purchases made by TransForce pursuant to the renewed NCIB will be made in accordance with the rules and policies of the TSX. the most recently-completed six months, the average daily trading volume for the common shares of TransForce on the TSX was 145,705. Consequently, under the policies of the TSX, TransForce will have the right to repurchase during any one trading day a maximum of 36,426 shares, representing 25% of the average daily trading volume. In addition, TransForce may make, once per calendar week, a block purchase (as such term is defined in the TSX Company Manual) of shares not directly or indirectly owned by insiders of TransForce, in accordance with the policies of the TSX. In the opinion of TransForce’s Board of Directors, TransForce’s shares have been trading in a price range which does not adequately reflect their value, based on TransForce’s business and strong financial position, and the share price is driving an unusually high yield. As a result, TransForce believes that, at appropriate times, repurchases of its shares through the NCIB can enhance shareholder value and represents an appropriate use of TransForce’s financial resources. To the knowledge of TransForce, no director or senior officer, including the CEO, and no person acting jointly or in concert with TransForce currently intends to sell shares during the renewed NCIB.

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The day before your interview, visit the location so you will know the direction and the time it takes to get there. Do you know where to park and whether it will cost money or is far away? Look for the right entrance to the building. Where is the exact location of the office? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to show up for the interview even one minute late. You must make sure you’re prepared well ahead of time.

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