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What changed? Lillard didnt immediately address the comments, but Portland head coach Terry Stotts didnt appreciate the attack on his player, and stood up for his point guard . I owe a lot to George. I got my start in coaching with George. I wouldnt be here if not for him, Stotts said Wednesday night. But when it comes to my team and my players, he needs to stay in his own lane. He doesnt know Damian Lillard. He doesnt know how coachable he is. doesnt know what a great teammate he is. He doesnt know how much Damian cares about winning and how important he is to this franchise. descriptionI thought his comments, however well intended they may have been which I cant understand I cant tolerate. Lillard also spoke up, telling ESPNs Jeff Goodman: Im confused at how it even came up. In all likelihood George Karl will continue to stay in the news as long as media outlets continue to interview him. He will poke sleeping dragons, ramp up the vitriol, and do everything he can to stay in the spotlight- the very thing he criticized Carmelo Anthony and Damian Lillard of doing.

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Harry Hurt III who penned the 1993 biography Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump revealed in a widely shared Facebook post that he had come to Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., to play with billionaire David H. Koch and two other golfers. I said, Congratulations, sir, and shook [Trumps] hand, Hurt posted. Trump said, You were rough on me, Harry. Really rough. Hurt claimed he looked Trump in the eyes and said, Its all true, to which Trump countered, Not in the way you wrote it. One of the revelations in Hurts book was Ivana Trumps allegation that Trump had raped her during their divorce battle. Hurt said Trumps security detail escorted him, Koch and their playing partners off the course and to the parking lot. David was appalled, posted Hurt, who went on to say they ended up playing at Emerald Dunes, which is a much, much better golf course than Trumps. A source close to Koch said, David was not present during the exchange between the president-elect and Harry Hurt and at no time was David asked to leave.

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