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Instead, she had prayed. In most states, failing to seek medical care for a nearly 40-week-old fetus might be a crime. Idaho is one of at least four states that provide religious groups broad exemptions from criminal prosecution and civil liability for the deaths of children attributable to medical neglect. In deep-red Idaho, where the right to be left alone trumps all ideologies, lawmakers have repeatedly rejected proposed changes to the law that would impose criminal or civil penalties for failing to seek medical care for children with life-threatening conditions. But a growing resistance to Idaho’s faith-healing statute is building here in the suburbs west of Boise, home to a group of Followers of Christ, a small Christian denomination that believes in faith healing and strict shunning of those who stray from the churchs teachings. Faced with three deaths linked to faith healing in the county over the last four months, Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue has launched a campaign to change the law, and remove any religious exemptions for the legal obligation to seek medical care for children. Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue is fighting Idaho’s religious exemptions on medical care for ch Canyon County Sheriff’s Office Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue is fighting Idaho’s religious exemptions on medical care for children. anchorCanyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue is fighting Idaho’s religious exemptions on medical care for children. (Canyon County Sheriff’s Office) Donahue believes the law allows children to die unnecessarily, and painfully, in ways that the Followers of Christ may not medically understand. He has formed a unit in his department to investigate the death of every child connected to the group and hopes his findings will prompt the coroner to conduct more complete death examinations of the children.

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